What Is the Difference Between LAN, WAN, and MAN Networks?




 LAN is the abbreviation form, Local Area Network.

  If two or more computers and peripheral devices are connected within a small area like a room, office, or a campus, is called LAN. That is the group of computers in a LAN that share a common connection.


 The data transmission speed of LAN is 10- 100 mbps and it is slow compared to WAN.

Bus and Ring topologies are used in LAN network.

In LAN protocol a few data errors occur. Casinobot

In office or home network they are usually connected by Ethernet cables and have high speed connection. And if it is wireless setup then it is called WLAN.

In LAN computer terminals are physically connected with wires.

The connection sharing range of LAN is 1 km. Serhiivilla

Also, the cost of LAN is less compared to WAN & MAN.


WAN is the abbreviation for Wide Area Network.

 It is the largest network and can interconnect networks throughout the world and is not restricted to a geographical location. Dikasihinfo

The example of WAN is the connection of various branches of MNC such as Microsoft and these branches are linked by using microwave satellite communication system.

In addition, the main example of WAN system is Telecom System.

The data transmission speed of WAN is 256Kbps to 2Mbps and it has higher speed compared to LAN & MAN. ATM, Frame Relay, Sonnet topology are used in WAN network. Xssling


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