What Will Happen to Our Marriage If I Hate My Wife?



Let’s face it, the majority of men have a picture of the ideal marriage in their heads. They are confident that a dating phase will continue after the honeymoon. The majority of men agree that having a wife is nice and occasionally even comfortable.

Cooking romantic meals together, having coffee in bed on Saturday mornings, seeing friends, and planning amazing days off in the country are some of the most typical associations. If a person feel like i think i hate my wife, his marriage life can be lead to divorce.

Yes, you might have this in your marriage, but not just this. The first dispute in a relationship is when you realize you are not a fairy-tale figure and that family life is full of many ups and downs. Additionally, you are about to state “I despise my wife” at some time. Is this the conclusion of your love story? Let’s investigate.

How come I detest my wife? – Important Considerations


As was already established, marriage involves a variety of challenges. You will experience a variety of feelings and sensations on a daily basis. Your family life will undoubtedly be filled with happiness, amusement, sorrow, pleasure, misunderstanding, and support, to name just a few things. You can start to ask, “Why do I dislike my wife so much?,” when negative emotions are prevalent. ”. Here are some of the most frequent ones.

Ongoing conflicts


Since everyone is unique, it stands to reason that you might occasionally argue with your significant other. However, it sends the wrong message if you begin with minor things before moving on to bigger problems each time. If the woman starts to criticize your selections, preferences, and decisions, everything becomes more challenging. You have the impression that you are facing all of your challenges by yourself. One of the first causes for men to wonder on Reddit I hate my wife is frequent conflicts.

She wants to transform you


It might be the worst thing that could possibly occur to someone. It is a dead end when your partner doesn’t accept you for who you are and tries to modify any of your preferences or sides. At first, you can make her a pledge to reflect on what she said and work to calm her down in some way. Your prospects of being content together are still quite slim.

Even if she doesn’t know it now, damaging any of your attributes is bad for both of you. In other words, she is not ready to accept your personality and wants to alter something about you. She may remark that you are not paying enough attention to her, that you earn insufficient money, etc. Well, if you want these changes as well, it is only normal. If not, though, you could state: “I despise my wife, I despise my life.”

She makes all decisions on her own


Happy couples typically make all decisions together. They are accustomed to talking about anything, including their children, homes, friends, holidays, and purchases. Some decisions should not be made on one’s own. If your spouse behaves differently, she doesn’t value your union.

You can discover out of the blue that your wife has purchased airline tickets for a another nation or that your younger son has joined a football team. Any male who eventually says, “Sometimes I detest my wife,” might get annoyed by this. If your wife did not involve you in her decisions you will say i think i hate my wife.

Your sexual life is not up to par


Physical intimacy is just as significant as emotional intimacy. Of course, it goes without saying that your intimacy won’t remain the same in a few years after the wedding. You are now unsure of how to request a blowjob or try a new sex position. The flame between you two fades day by day. You encounter rejection and indifference frequently. Who on Earth is willing to put up with it? Maybe nobody. You are therefore more likely to admit, “I despise my wife and wish to leave her.”

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